Anti Aging and Anti Oxidant Effects of Acai

Anti Aging and Anti Oxidant Effects of Acai

Acai berries are gotten from the Acai palm tree which is predominantly found in South and Central America particularly in the Amazon rainforest located in Brazil. It is about an inch long and looks purple in appearance. Acai became very popular when it was found that it can help in weight loss. However, asides from providing weight loss aid, Acai has so many other health benefits including in beauty and cosmetics. They contain fatty acids which help the skin remain tight, as well as certain minerals that protect it from environmental stressors.

Rejuvenating Properties of Acai

Acai berries contain so many antioxidants, even more than 20 times what is found in other berries such as grapes. Antioxidants are chemical properties which have natural anti-aging capabilities. These anti-aging properties help to slow the aging process of the skin, by neutralizing free radicals in the body which cause the body to age faster and deteriorate over the years.

Oxidants gotten from the environment are one of the main causes of collagen damage to the skin which results in the accelerated sagging and wrinkling of the skin as we age. The power of the antioxidants contained in the berries can tackle these radicals and reduce their damage to collagen to the barest minimum, consequently slowing down the skin aging process. The berries, according to research, scored the most among natural foods which can neutralize oxidants in the environment. They have also been known to have certain abilities which other antioxidants do not possess. One of them is the ability to reach the deepest layer of the skin, where they are able to protect against the damaging effects of free radicals and oxidants.

When the antioxidants find their way into the skin layers, free radicals from UV-Light and pollutants are neutralized, expelling aging signs like wrinkles and bags around the eyes, age spots, and crow's feet. Acai also helps the skin maintain its elasticity and rigidity from within the deepest structures. Adding Acai to your beauty regimens such as skin care formulas can provide you with these anti-aging properties. When used topically, it can protect your skin from environmental stressors such as harsh sunlight, thereby making your skin healthy looking and glowing all day long. Adding it to your creams for everyday use is perfect to keep your skin looking vibrant as ever and healthy.

Sources of Acai

• If you live outside Brazil, it may be difficult to find the fresh berries. However, the frozen ones can be found in most food retailers, and they work just like the fresh ones.

• The effects of Acai can also be gotten in the form of capsules. However, they contain minute amounts of antioxidant properties, so it might take a while before results begin to manifest.

• Acai berry powder, which is another source of Acai, is one of the easiest ways of harnessing all its anti-aging properties. The powder can be added to creams and oils and applied topically to get the desired results.

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