Glycolic Acid Benefits: What Does Glycolic acid do?

Glycolic Acid Benefits: What Does Glycolic acid do?

If you are interested in improving the condition and appearance of your skin, you should consider using a glycolic acid product. Glycolic acid products will provide a wide range of benefits to your skin. Similar to lactic acid, they can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate issues caused by oily skin, and reduce problems with an uneven skin tone. 

Let’s explore why glycolic acid is important to your skin, how to use it correctly, and what product you should consider. 

What Is Glycolic Acid And Why Is It Important?

Glycolic acid is one of the most significant alpha hydroxy acids that are used in skin care products. Alpha hydroxy acid is one of the chemical compounds that does impact the skin cells. This is one of the reasons why glycolic acid products are so popular in the skincare industry. Glycolic acid naturally occurs in sugar cane. You can get a glycolic acid cleanser, glycolic acid peels, and various other glycolic acid treatments that could provide benefits for your skin and your skin cells. 

Glycolic acid has a small molecular structure compared to other alpha hydroxy acids. This means that it is going to have a powerful impact even in lower concentrations and penetrate deeper into your skin. Professional treatments use higher concentrations for more powerful, long-lasting impacts on your skin. However, you can find glycolic acid products for dry skin and healthy skin from a wide range of over-the-counter stores. When the skin absorbs glycolic acid, the impact is immediately noticeable. 

Is Glycolic Acid Suitable For All Skin Types 

Glycolic acid is suitable for all skin types. This means that you can use glycolic acid on sensitive skin as well as acne prone skin. It is also suitable for lighter as well as darker skin tones. However, depending on your skin type, you may want to consider using a patch test before applying it to your skin’s surface or introducing it into your typical skin care routine. This will ensure that it does create the right impact. 

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The Benefits of Glycolic Acid For Your Skin

What does glycolic acid do? Glycolic acid provides a wide range of benefits to your skin, similar to lactic acid. Here are a few of the most noteworthy advantages that you can gain from using a glycolic acid product. 

Increases Collagen Production 

Glycolic acid increases collagen production in your skin. Collagen impacts your skin texture and when collagen levels are increased it will result in smoother skin. Applying glycolic acid will have an immediate impact on your skin and provide significant anti aging benefits when used as part of a skin care routine. This reduces fine lines and ensures that your skin’s surface looks far younger. 

Eliminate Issues With Dark Spots 

Dark spots on the skin can be a result of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation as well as an adverse reaction to sun exposure. Glycolic acid helps to eliminate issues here and treats skin conditions that cause dark spots as well as other skin issues. 

Shed Dead Skin Cells

You can also use glycolic acid to eliminate issues with dead skin cells. Dead skin cells cause skin irritation, acne and will make issues such as cystic acne more likely or more prominent. Glycolic acid increases the level of cell turnover. When you use glycolic acid, you will notice an immediate difference in your skin appearance. This is another reason why it is considered to be a great skin care product for anti aging products. Glycolic acid works by dissolving dead skin cells so there’s no residue left on the surface of your skin. 

Promotes Exfoliation

Glycolic acid cream can also be used to promote exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation becomes more important as your skin gets older because it loses natural levels of moisture. Glycolic acid helps to provide the additional level of moisture your skin needs using natural, yet powerful ingredients. Physical exfoliants that include glycolic acid are known to provide long-lasting results. 

Provides Deeper Penetration 

Since glycolic acid does have a small molecular structure, it is possible to reach deep levels of the skin. This helps reduce issues with clogged pores and provides benefits whether used in the form of a chemical peel or chemical exfoliant. The deeper level of penetration is just one more reason why glycolic acid works to provide anti aging benefits and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Reduce Sun Damage

Overexposure to the sun can cause significant damage to your skin. Products that include salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or glycolic acid help to reduce sun damage even on sensitive skin. This does include fine lines and wrinkles that were caused or made worse by UV rays. You can use glycolic acid safely to create the right impact here. 

Reduce Acne Scarring 

Is glycolic acid good for treating acne? Whether used in the form of professional peels or a more typical product for the skin, glycolic acid is good for treating acne. Using glycolic acid can also help reduce issues with acne scarring present on the skin. 

How To Apply Glycolic Acid

To use glycolic acid safely, it’s important to choose the right skincare product. You can get a glycolic acid peel however, you can also purchase glycolic acid in a more typical cream that you can buy over the counter. This can be applied to the skin using a cotton pad or with your slingers as part of a typical skincare routine.


Using Botanic Tree Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Facial Cleanser 

If you are interested in adding glycolic acid to your skin care routine, you should consider using the Botanic Tree Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Facial Cleanser. This product provides the same benefits as chemical peels but can be used safely in the comfort of your home. 

When using glycolic acid on sensitive skin, it is important to take care not to use too much. However, you don’t need to worry about whether it will be suitable for your skin tone. 

The glycolic acid exfoliating cleanser will provide immediate results and help to remove dead skin as soon as it is applied. The product includes both glycolic acid and salicylic acid to provide the greatest benefits to your skin. 


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How Much Glycolic Acid Should You Use? 

You don’t need to use a massive amount of glycolic acid to remove dead skin or gain other benefits. Glycolic acid helps the skin even when used in lower quantities. This product will help leave your skin feeling smooth and clean while eliminating issues with clogged pores. 

Revolutionize your skin care routine and start using this glycolic acid product from Botanic Tree today.

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Can I use glycolic acid with vitamin C?

It is generally not recommend to use glycolic acid with vitamin c at the same time due to their conflicting pH levels which can cause skin irritations. A glycolic acid face wash should be used on your face around 1-2 times per week depending on your skin type and sensitivity, whereas a vitamin c cleanser can be used on your face more frequently. it is best to use glycolic acid and vitamin c on different days in your skin care routine.


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