How To Properly Keep Hands Clean?

How To Properly Keep Hands Clean?

How To Properly Keep Hands Clean?

Regular hand washing is always part of basic hygiene habits (after all, the tip of the fingers tend to get in contact with germ-infested areas at all times) and with everything that is going on in the world, it really pushed us to be diligent with cleanliness so much that we keep a stock of hand sanitizer at all times. The key to keeping your hands clean is to combine soap and hand sanitizer. Yep, it’s that simple. And here’s how to do so in a quick guide below.

Get to the routine by using soap and water, rub it from the tip of your fingers right down to the wrist in 30 seconds, covering the palms, back of the hands and at hard to reach areas like between fingers, base of the thumb, and fingernails. Rinse it off and wipe the skin dry and you’re done!

The steps are simple enough that you can be confident you’re protected as long as you do it on various occasions. Wash your hands every time possible but specially when treating open and/or infected wounds, both preparing and handling food, touching common surfaces like doorknobs or perhaps when you sneeze and coughing but also when applying and removing contact lenses and wearing makeup. We can never be sure 100% that the things we’re touching are germ-free but by regularly washing your hands you can cut down the risks significantly.

But What About Hand Sanitizers?

Hand sanitizers are definitely heaven-sent and it’s best to combine them with routine hand washing with soap for thorough protection. The product works when you’re on the go and as a quick solution when there’s no clean water and soaps available. Specifically, when dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol-based sanitizers are recommended by the health experts to keep your skin protected at all times.

The right way to use a hand sanitizer:

Using the product is not as simple as applying a copious layer onto the skin; you need to start with a clean hand and preferably fresh from washing the fingers with soap. Dry your hand thoroughly to avoid droplets of water from diluting the alcohol in the sanitizer (reducing it’s effectiveness) and pour coin-sized of the product onto the palm, rubbing gently to the whole area, including the area under the fingernails. Add more of the hand sanitizer if needed and if you accidentally pour too much of it, let the alcohol dry on your skin for some time.

Stay Safe and Clean!

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