Pregnancy Skincare - For The Belly

Pregnancy Skincare - For The Belly

So many things are changing during pregnancy, and your skin is going to be one of them. And it can be obvious, I might add; ranging from purplish stretch marks to uneven skin tone on the face, undergoing pregnancy is not a joke. What can you do is to make the best out of it, by pampering your skin and taking good care of them. Hey, it’s a self-care.

What happens to your skin while pregnant?

During pregnancy, your body will go through enormous change within, notably the hormone levels that will go haywire and causing multiple effects to your whole body, including your skin.

Sure, you’ll get the ‘pregnancy glow’ that women would love to have, but during pregnancy, you’re also at risk of getting splotchy pigmentations (known as melasma), acne breakouts, as well as the ever-popular stretch marks.

Hence, it’s during this time that you need to take really good care of your skin, continuously moisturizing them and nourishing your body with lots of skin-friendly nutrients so you can minimize the downside effects of pregnancy while maximizing the good ones as much as possible.

Taking Care Of Your Belly's Skin While Pregnant

First things first, going organic is what most pregnant moms would do, as much as possible. While most products are deemed safe for mothers-to-be, organic products eliminate all the guesswork to the bare minimum to ensure their skin is taken care and protected, without any worry of aggravating any of the skin issues they are currently having.

Getting your skin continuously moisturized is essential and with pregnancy, we’re taking the step all-out, covering every inch of the skin. As pregnancy causes your skin to get stretched out to accommodate a growing baby, a good, rich moisturizer is important to keep the skin hydrated and supple, as well as have enough nutrients to build a strong skin to withstand prolong stretching of the skin until birth.

For that, it’s highly recommended that you use a moisturizer and/or lotion that are rich in the formula to supply your skin a much-needed hydration. Good ingredients include shea butter, natural oils such as avocado, olive, coconut, and jojoba, as well as hyaluronic acid for intense hydration.

Not to mention that with pregnancy that’s putting pressure on the blood vessels in your body (especially starting from the pelvis until to the toes) and causing varicose veins (an issue where the blood circulation gets back up in the veins, causing them to enlarge), applying a rich lotion to massage the circulation as well as wearing a support hose can be helpful to minimize the varicose veins effect as much as possible. Trust me, purplish reddish veins that you can see is very unsightly.

Of course, while using these products to keep your skin stays supple and strong, add on with healthy foods that are loaded with skin-friendly nutrients so your body can repair and replenish your skin from the inside, so you can look good and glowing, on the outside.

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