Retinol Cream, A Skincare Must Have

Retinol Cream, A Skincare Must Have

Who would’ve thought that a treatment that’s initially used as a treatment for acne is now widely used pretty much for any concerns for your skin - be it wrinkles, spots, uneven skin tone, or simply to get a brighter-looking skin that you always wanted? Still not convinced? Read on to know how retinol can be important, and a game-changer, in your skincare routine.

Let’s start from the basic: retinol is a derivative of vitamin A that when applied to your skin, the skin will absorb and convert retinol into retinoid acid that your skin can use. As retinol is a bit harsh for the skin, the formula comes in varying concentration to cater for all skin types, with prescription-strength retinol is reserved solely for intensive treatments and your skin can adapt to it, while low concentration is suitably for everyday use - and this is the strength that you need to look out for if this is your first time using such product.

But why despite the harsh nature of retinol, the ingredient is still loved by many?

Simply because the retinol works! Retinol is accepted as one of the solutions for skin and backed by decades of research to prove its effectiveness, so much that dermatologists considered it to be the gold standard in skincare, specifically for anti-aging routine.

You can start by using retinol a few times a week before using it in your daily routine, or perhaps use retinol exclusively as your nighttime regimen to let your skin get used to retinol during the night while avoiding potential irritation as retinol can cause your skin to get super sensitive to the sun.

This wonderful ingredient acts as a multitask ingredient in your skincare routine by pretty much finding anything that’s wrong and repair it ASAP. The ingredient works by supporting collagen and elastin production to strengthen the internal skin’s structure and plumps up the skin (reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin), speeding up skin cell renewal cycle (that tend to get slow as we age, leading to dull-looking skin) and boosting the ‘exfoliating effect’, refining the texture and tone of your skin, as well as unclog the pores and kill off an acne-causing germs, preventing future breakouts.

Because of the capabilities of retinol benefiting your skin, adding one into your beauty regimen can truly speed up results. Retinol is an investment for your skin, and it will definitely thank you for it.

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