Should I Add Glycolic Acid to My Skin Care Routine?

Should I Add Glycolic Acid to My Skin Care Routine?

Glycolic acid its a multitasking beauty ingredient that you need to add in your skincare routine, pronto. Here’s why:

What makes glycolic acid is so appealing is that it works to treat various skin issues in one go. Acne breakouts, wrinkles, and sagging skin, or just a simple overall dullness can be solved remarkably with glycolic acid, so effective that you can rely on the acid to replace multiple products in your beauty regimen.

Glycolic acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy-acid (you might know it as AHA), a type of sugar that commonly occurring in fruits. Other types of AHA include derived from milk, and citric acid from citrus-based fruits.

The acid works by dissolving the ‘glue’ that binds between skin cells that still hold not just between the healthy ones, but also dead ones (that causes you to have a flaky texture with dull-like appearance) and drawing them out - along with dirt, impurities, and blackheads - away from the skin to speed up skin cell turnover and production of collagen fibers, revealing healthier and brighter-looking skin.

The advantage of glycolic acid is that you the acid works relatively more effective than a regular face scrub, and yet it’s way safer than most exfoliation based products out there and even sensitive skin ladies can certainly benefit from it, due to the nature of glycolic that has the shortest and simplest molecular weight. Plus, the chemical nature of glycolic also means that it penetrates easily into the skin that you can see the results near-instantaneous!

And the good thing about glycolic acid is the ingredient works for all types of skin (with a high recommendation for combination and oily skin types), catering for a multitude of skin issues as mentioned before. Plus, it’s safe during pregnancy and for new moms, definitely a lifesaver.

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