Tea Tree benefits

Tea Tree benefits

The leaves of the Tea Tree are a great source of Tea Tree oil which has been proven to have lots of benefits to improve skin conditions. It has specifically been used for skin rashes and infections when applied topically.

The tea tree oil is an extract from a native Australian plant known as Melaleuca alternifolia – and it can be extracted when its leaves are in a steam-distilled state to retrieve the oil. The tea tree oil is a
naturally occurring substance which cannot be reproduces – this is why it is so valued for its unlimited healing properties.


But what is really special about tea tree oil?

It is believed that the chemical constituents of the tea tree oil can fight against fungus and bacteria, and along with its antiseptic and microbial properties, the tea tree oil can help in sprucing infections and other skin-related ailments. It also reduces reactions that arise due to skin allergies, which makes it a great solutions for persons with sensitive skin.

Over the last century, the tea tree oil has been widely used in Australia. In fact, Australian soldiers had small bottles of the oil as part of their first aid kits, and it helped them treat wounds and even prevent infections from finding their way into wounds and skin cuts.


Tea tree oil is special for its facial skincare properties.

However, it is not ideal to use it directly as a moisturizer for your face to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles due to its volatility. In fact, research has revealed that about five percent solution of the oil works just as great as benzoyl peroxide. However, diluting tea oil drops to get the right solution for your skin may prove difficult.

That is why our Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser is just ideal for your skin. In addition to having the perfect tea tree oil content, it also contains a wide range of skin-healing ingredients that complement tea tree oil and makes for a naturally glowing skin.

This cleanser is ideal – and mild enough to be used on different areas such as the chin, nose, and cheeks where spots, pimples, unpleasant lines, and wrinkles appear. These spots can leave unsightly scars on your skin, but the Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser with tea tree oil can lighten these scars and reestablish the skin’s natural oil balance.

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