What Are the Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid on the Skin?

What Are the Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid on the Skin?

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

What Are the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid on the Skin?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin which has the ability to draw and maintain large amounts of moisture contents. It helps refurbish the skin to promote a healthy look and feel. As one ages, the skin tends to lose the capability to maintain moisture content, giving rise to apparent loss of firmness, pliability, and pudginess which in turn can make one look old and unhealthy.

Hyaluronic acid helps the skin by replenishing lost moisture which is vital to having a youthful look, and healthy skin.

Hyaluronic Acid


Effects of Hyaluronic Acid on the Skin

Are you looking for ways to make your skin healthier for a younger, youthful look?

Here are ways to maintain your skin using Hyaluronic Acid. Scientists say that one gram (1g) of Hyaluronic acid can retain up to six litres (6L) of water.

Hyaluronic acid’s moisture binding capability is a key feature to providing a healthy skin.

When the moisture content in the skin drops to low levels during the aging process, causing the skin to look dull and unhealthy, the acid helps maintain an adequate level of moisture in the skin, as well as the collagen synthesis to keep the skin supple.

Hyaluronic Acid also protects the skin from damaging components in the environment such as ultra violet radiation from the sun which can cause sunburns, and further damage the skin. Therefore, it should be incorporated into daily skin care routine to promote healthy skin.


How Hyaluronic Acid can be used

Topically: Hyaluronic acid can be applied topically to the skin to repair damaged skin cells, as well as provide protection for the skin. When applied topically, hyaluronic acid can penetrate the topmost part of the skin to boost its elasticity and provide hydration.

The skin is equipped with a protective layer which locks in acquired moisture and provides the skin with a healthy look.

Orally: Taken as an oral supplement, hyaluronic acid plays a major role in the production of collagen which is a component of the body that helps to improve skin health. When levels of collagen in the body drop, it gives rise to visible wrinkles and discoloration. Stimulating the production of collagen with hyaluronic acid will help the skin retain moisture, consequently providing anti aging benefits.

To maximize the effects of Hyaluronic Acid on the skin, it is advised to combine topical use, with oral use.


Other Effects of Hyaluronic Acid

Our skin suffers from so many external factors including daily unprotected exposure to the sun, chemical components from skin care products, as well as other factors that weaken the skin.

Incorporating hyaluronic acid into your daily skin care program will help reduce consequences of these harsh conditions. Hyaluronic Acid also contains skin replenishing components that can help to tackle some of these issues. In addition to all of these, it also contains antioxidant properties, which can help to calm inflamed skin, tighten or tone the skin, reduce signs of aging, and provide a better, healthier skin appearance.

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