What are The Effects of Centella asiatica on Cellulite?

What are The Effects of Centella asiatica on Cellulite?

What are The Effects of Centella asiatica on Cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin condition that presents topographically as skin dimpling, and formation of nodules occurring in areas such as the buttocks, lower extremities, and abdomen. This condition occurs mostly in post-pubescent females and is caused by deposits of fat that alter the connective tissues just below the skin, leading to changes in the appearance of the skin characterized by skin dimpling, and nodularity.

It sounds all so serious and life-threatening, right? Do not panic! Cellulite is not some sort of serious medical condition. In simpler terms, it occurs when the fat below the skin pushes connective tissues upwards, and then the skin above forms nodules. With Centella asiatica, you can combat the causes of cellulite. Centella asiatica, also called Centella or Gotu kola, is a plant that is native to Asia. Although mostly used in culinary and medicinal practices, Centella asiatica can also be used in cosmetology.

Effects of Centella asiatica on Cellulite

Are you suffering from cellulite and looking for a therapy that works?

Here are the effects of Centella asiatica on cellulites that can help you manage the skin condition.

Strengthen Connective Tissues: Having weak connective tissues is one of the causes of cellulite.

Centella asiatica can help to strengthen these tissues, as they are mostly made up of a protein called collagen, and Centella asiatica boosts the production of this protein which consequently makes the connective tissues stronger. Strong connective tissues hold the fat in place and help to prevent the appearance of nodules.

Improve Blood Circulation: Another cause of cellulite is poor blood circulation. As women age, the level of estrogen they produce begin to drop, and this hormone is important for blood circulation among other things. Centella asiatica helps to improve blood flow, as well as maintain and strengthen blood vessels.

Reduce Inflammation: Centella asiatica has also been proven to lower inflammations in the body. This plant contains properties that help to reduce inflammations. Reducing inflammations in the body is important in managing cellulite because it has been observed that cellulite is aggravated by inflammation. Reduce Swelling: Centella asiatica fosters proper lymphatic nodes drainage. Improving lymphatic nodes drainage helps the lymphatic system to flush out useless fluids, and remove swellings which are most often found in very severe cellulite.


How to use Centella asiatica

Most people take Centella asiatica orally in the form of capsules, powders, or liquid extracts. This plant is also one of the main ingredients in anti-cellulite gels, and creams which can be applied topically.

Dosage: There is no recommended dosage to use when taking Centella asiatica. It is best to consult your local pharmacy before you start taking the plant, or read the manufacturer’s information in the leaflet. However, Centella asiatica should NOT be used for more than 4 – 6 weeks at a time, followed immediately by 2 weeks break. If taken continuously for long periods, Centella asiatica can have long lasting damaging effects on the liver. Also, people with any form of liver conditions should stay away from using Centella asiatica and its supplements completely. Pregnant women should also stay away from using this herb as it possesses anti-fertility effects, and has been used traditionally in the past as a natural contraceptive.

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