Why Glycolic Acid Is a Must-Have Skin Care Ingredient

Why Glycolic Acid Is a Must-Have Skin Care Ingredient

Most skincare routines include various products and a bucketload of different ingredients. In reality, you only need a few key things to create a routine that encourages healthy skin. 

Glycolic acid is one of the main skincare ingredients you need at your disposal. It has proved to be highly effective at delivering exceptional results when used regularly. Most of you are aware of glycolic acid but perhaps don’t know what it is, why it’s used, or how to use it. Today, we’ll reveal everything you need to know. 

What is glycolic acid & what does it do?

Glycolic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Nowadays, many skincare products include AHAs as key active ingredients, with glycolic acid being the most popular. These acids are naturally occurring in living things around us. You find them primarily in plants, with glycolic acid stemming from sugar cane. 

Of all the AHAs out there, glycolic acid is the smallest. It’s made of teeny tiny molecules that can diffuse through the skin barrier and get deep within the layers below. This is what makes it such an effective ingredient for your skincare routine - it doesn’t just work on the surface level, it penetrates the skin cells deeper down. 

As it targets your skin cells, this is where things get scientific and interesting. Glycolic acid works to destroy bonds between cells, which basically makes your skin start shedding. It’s a superb exfoliator, removing old and dead skin and making way for newer, fresher skin. At the same time, this AHA encourages collagen production - which will have a profound effect on your skin’s long-term health. 

What are the main benefits of glycolic acid?

To better understand how glycolic acid works and what it does, here are some of the key benefits it provides as part of a skincare routine: 

  • Hydration - Glycolic acid is an excellent hydrator. It gets deep into your skin cells and encourages cell turnover, which leads to new cells being created. As a result, your skin becomes more hydrated and healthy thanks to new cell growth. 
  • Exfoliation - As briefly mentioned earlier, glycolic acid is a brilliant exfoliation ingredient. It will penetrate your skin and remove the bonds between cells. This encourages the area of the skin to shed dead skin cells. It leaves your skin feeling much smoother and fresh skin is revealed beneath. 
  • Anti-Aging - Another thing we touched upon was glycolic acid and collagen production. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and it’s largely responsible for keeping your skin healthy and taut. As we get older, our body naturally produces fewer collagen cells, meaning the skin loosens and can develop wrinkles. Glycolic acid is responsible for encouraging collagen production, so our skin remains smoother and stronger for longer. Thus, wrinkles shouldn’t be a problem for many years to come!
  • Pore Cleansing - Thanks to the exfoliation properties of glycolic acid, it ends up being a wonderful pore cleanser. When dead skin is removed, this also means your pores get unclogged. It prevents build-ups that can lead to acne and other breakouts. 
  • Brightness - Who doesn’t want bright and radiant skin? Unfortunately, our skin can become dull over time as it’s exposed to the rigors of life. Glycolic acid does a fantastic job of brightening your complexion. Again, this is mainly down to the way it removes dead skin and leaves fresh skin beneath. You’ll see visible differences in your skin’s radiance after using glycolic acid for a few weeks. 

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    Why should everyone be using glycolic acid in their skincare routine?

    Put simply, glycolic acid is backed by science and actually works. 

    There are too many gimmicky skincare ingredients out there that claim to do things but actually don’t. Collagen is actually a really good example. Loads of skincare products say they include collagen to fight the signs of aging. Realistically, collagen is too big to diffuse through the skin barrier, so it actually doesn’t help in any way when applied like this. On the contrary, using glycolic acid ensures something does penetrate the skin barrier and directly targets cells - which can induce collagen production. 

    If you want younger-looking skin that’s free from blemishes, appears more radiant, and is nicely hydrated, glycolic acid is the perfect solution. It’s also an ideal inclusion in your skincare routine if you’re searching for a reliable exfoliating product. 


    How to include glycolic acid in your skincare routine

    Fundamentally, glycolic acid works best when used as a cleanser in your skincare routine. If you have never used this ingredient before, it’s a good idea to gradually increase your skin’s tolerance to it. 

    Use a glycolic acid cleanser or face wash a couple of times per week. Then, increase this by a day and monitor your skin’s reaction. If all seems fine, you can eventually use it every day. 

    It’s a good idea to start your skincare routine with a glycolic acid face wash to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and enjoy a spot of exfoliation. Then, be sure to use a serum and moisturizer to really lock in the hydration. Finally, round things off with an SPF treatment. Glycolic acid can make your skin more sensitive to UV rays, so you need to protect it at all times. 

    Just like that, you’ve got a fantastic skincare routine that utilizes the power of glycolic acid!

    Add the benefits of glycolic acid to your skincare routine today

    In summary, glycolic acid is a water-soluble AHA that penetrates your skin and has amazing exfoliating properties. It makes your skin appear more radiant and new while also encouraging collagen production and unclogging pores. 

    The best way to use it is via a facial cleanser. If you’re keen to add the benefits of this ingredient to your daily routine, the Botanic Tree Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Face Wash is perfect for you. It’s packed full of natural ingredients like tea tree, bamboo, lavender, shea butter, willow bark, seaweed, and peppermint to give the most effective skin-cleansing experience. Try it now and say hello to healthier skin. 

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    Is glycolic acid suitable for all skin types?

    Glycolic acid is generally safe for most skin types, but those with sensitive or dry skin should use it with caution. It's always best to do a patch test before incorporating it into your skincare routine.

    Can I use glycolic acid if I have acne-prone skin?

    Yes, glycolic acid is effective for acne-prone skin as it helps to exfoliate the skin and unclog pores. However, it's essential to start with a lower concentration and gradually increase to avoid irritation.

    How often should I use products containing glycolic acid?

    The frequency of use depends on the product's concentration and your skin's tolerance level. It is generally recommended to start with once or twice a week and then increase as your skin becomes more accustomed to the ingredient. Always follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer.

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