Is Sulfate Free Important?

Is Sulfate Free Important?

I guess it’s safe to say that cleansers (or any equivalent of cleansing product) are pretty much the integral part of our life that it’s becoming a necessity. After all, cleaning yourself with pure water isn’t going to cut it and we need a product to do the job. The thing with cleansers is, an industrial-strength ingredient is commonly formulated into the product and while they get the job done, it strips the moisture out from the skin, making them irritated and inflamed. These ingredients are called, sulfates.

Why We Should Avoid It All Costs

Thanks to technology, detergents were developed decades before by using a variety of chemicals to clean not just for household items, but also for the skin. And specifically for our derms, chemical ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate are commonly used in the formula for their cleansing power, as well as the lathering effect that makes it visually appealing (I mean, the frothed bubbles looks like you get a good clean, doesn’t it?). while they sure make your skin feels squeaky clean, the chemicals strip out water and skin oils away during the wash that it leaves your skin raw and at risk of developing a lot of issues.

It’s common to see sensitive skin to get easily itchy and irritated from using normal soaps and detergents; the same also applies to other skin types, it’s just that we don’t see the effects until much later.

Such effects include flaking of the skin due to accelerated water loss that pretty much vaporizes into thin air, affected pH levels of the skin, dermatitis, inflammation, increased risk of acne breakouts (especially if you have sensitive and/or acne-prone skin), as well as premature aging of the skin.

The Alternative - Using Sulfate-Free Cleansing Products

The solution for the issue right here is to simply go for sulfate-free skincare products as much as you can to ensure your skin stays safe and protected from such abrasive ingredients, and rest assured that sulfate-free skincare products are widely available and much more affordable, thanks to the technology that makes it possible!

I get it, some may point out that sulfate-based products have been available for years and there’s no reason to bring it up as an issue when there’s not much harm done. Unfortunately, unlike before when the innovation and the overall effect to our skin are limited, nowadays we are a concern not just the sulfates but also sun damage and pollution that are ‘assaulting’ our skin more than ever that reducing one or two factors that cause our skin to get irritated is better than none.

Plus, because of the evolving tech, we get to have a better and safe alternative, why not switch it when you have the chance?

Take a look through our selection of sulfate-free cleansers that are suitable for your skin. The change for a better, safer, and healthier skin starts now!

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