Should You Wash Your Face Before Or After You Shower?

Should You Wash Your Face Before Or After You Shower?

Skincare is becoming more and more of a hot topic, as more are learning about the importance and benefits of healthy skin. Not only does it help you to look your best, but you’ll feel better and healthier as a result.

A problem that many have when it comes to skincare is learning where to start. What can you do to take better care of your skin right now? Well, in this case, it’s learning whether you should be washing your face before or after your shower. Is there a difference? The simple answer is yes, but there’s still discussion over which is better for your skin. 

Before going into that, it’s important to talk about why taking care of your skin is so important. There are countless benefits of a skincare routine, whether you’re just doing something basic, or taking it a step further.

If you’re not clued in, you may be surprised to hear that skincare isn’t just about having better-looking skin. There’s a reason skin appears nicer when it’s properly taken care of, and that’s because it’s healthier. Hydration and clear skin will appear more plump and rejuvenated - and that’s because your skin is in better condition. 

Washing your face

The most basic part of skincare, which everyone should be doing, is washing your face. The real question is, are you doing it as often as you should? And are you doing it right? All day long your day is exposed to the elements, and that can lead to dirt and build-ups that aren’t immediately visible. Your pores get clogged, and it can lead to breakouts and damaged skin. It will also cause you to show aging faster, so making sure you’re washing your face properly every night is highly important!

Water and soap might be your go-to when it comes to washing your face, but you can do better than that. A cleanser of your choice is generally recommended if you’re going to thoroughly clean out your pores, and it’s important, because 

While showering

It might seem like a no-brainer to wash your face while you’re in the shower. You’re washing the rest of your body, and your face is going to get wet while you’re washing your hair - so why not wash your face now? Well, there’s a good reason not to. A lot of the products that you use on your hair, and even dirt that comes from washing your hair can get in your pores. If you’re planning to wash your face, it’s better to consider waiting until you’re done showering if you want the best results.

Even without the dirt and products from your hair getting into your pores, the hot water can strip the nutrients out of your skin, leading it to dry out over time. 

After showering

Glowing skin after shower

Generally, it’s recommended that you wait until after you’ve showered before washing your face. Not before, not during, but after. The main reason for this is that, after you’ve been in a hot shower - the steam can really help to open up your pores. The dirt you’ve been exposed to, makeup, and anything else can be difficult to get rid of, but after a shower is a perfect time to do so. 

It’s also worth noting that the temperature of the water you use to wash your face is important. While the hot steam can be great for opening pores, hot water generally isn’t a good move when washing your face. With that said, you want to avoid cold water, too. Instead warm water should be perfect for a face wash, and you don’t risk damaging your skin.

Generally, if you’re going to take your skincare routine seriously, it’s best to wait until you’re going to bed. While some prefer showering in the morning, cleansing your face of all of the day’s dirt before bed is going to have the best results for your skin. Rather than sleeping through the night with all of the dirt in your pores.

Best face wash for after you shower

When it comes to actually cleaning your face, what should you be using? Simply using warm water and soap isn’t the best way to make sure your skin is cleansed and hydrated - which is where cleanser comes in. Cleanser is a vital part of face care, and something you should be using on a daily basis if you’re going to have clear skin. This is where a lot of people who have only recently started learning about skincare get stuck. Which products are going to be best for you? There are so many to choose from, and it may come down to personal preference.

If you’re looking for a reliable choice, Botanic Tree glycolic acid exfoliating face wash is perfect for your daily routine. It’s easy to get your hands on, and you won’t find yourself needing to experiment with any other products. It can be tricky to find the right product for you, especially if you shop around with a lot of brands you’re not really sure of. You need something that does what it promises, because when it comes to cleanser - there’s no room for error.

Once you’ve used your cleanser, you’re good to exfoliate. Ideally, you’ll want to leave the exfoliating until after you’ve used your cleanser if you’re going to see better results.


If you’re going to get the best results from your face wash, you should make sure you wait until after you’ve showered. Washing your face before your shower won’t be as effective, and washing it during can damage your skin. Washing it after showering and using a cleanser will provide you with the best results, and have greater benefits for your skin health. It might not sound like it makes a huge difference, but you can see the results for yourself.


Botanic Tree glycolic acid face wash


Will washing my face in the shower cause dry skin?

Washing your face in the shower can potentially lead to dry skin if the water is too hot or the shower is too long. Hot water can strip the skin's natural oils, leading to dryness. To avoid this, use lukewarm water and limit your shower time.

Can I use the same soap or body wash on my face as I do in the shower?

It is generally not recommended to use the same soap or body wash on your face as you do on your body. Facial skin is more delicate and requires a gentle cleanser specifically formulated for the face. Using body soap may cause dryness or irritation on your facial skin. Opt for a mild facial cleanser for the best results.

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